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Causes of Depression in the Elderly

Depression is caused by many different factors. It is when a person experiences extreme sadness and loneliness, isolation and withdrawal from friends, loved ones, and activities, issues with mood and temperament, lack of confidence, and more. And many of them may refuse Companion Care for these reasons.

What could have caused the depression in many seniors? Below are some reasons based on the observations of our Caregivers:

  • The loss of a loved one
    Nothing can ease the pain of losing someone dear, and the bereavement process can be too long for many people. If losing a close friend affects us a lot, what more if it’s a spouse or a child who’s departed? And that may trigger symptoms of depression.
  • Knowing of a terminal illness
    The knowledge of a life-threatening disease can make someone feel hopeless and helpless. Some people would give up immediately, refusing Home Care, knowing they are dying anyway. Not trying any treatment may cause symptoms and pain that might be depressing for an individual.
  • Aging itself
    Some people find it hard to accept they are aging. They feel sad upon noticing the signs like wrinkles, white hair, weaker body, tiredness, lack of sleep, and symptoms of various conditions.

Life can be stressful at times, but depression is a more serious thing. With proper care, assistance, and Companion Care, there is a chance to monitor any signs of depression in the elderly and seek proper treatment for affected seniors.

And when you need In-home Care Services in Cinnaminson, New Jersey for your seniors, call us. Our professionals at Neuron Health Systems will do their best to serve them.

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