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Common Misconceptions About Birth Defects

Despite many ways to get more information about birth and genetics and the efforts of home healthcare services advocates to educate people, there still are misconceptions circulating about birth defects.

As your caregivers, we want to inform you of the realities of these myths.

  • Birth defects and injuries are birth injuries.
    These are different from each other. Birth defects develop while the child is still inside the womb while injuries happen while in labor.
  • Defects and injuries are all due to the mother’s negligence.
    As said above, injuries occur while the mother is giving birth. It happens even when the mother and the doctor give their best efforts to deliver the child safely. The mother has nothing to do with this, even with birth defects, but she can minimize the risks while pregnant. Blaming mothers entirely for these occurrences must be stopped.
  • If the baby goes home from the hospital without a diagnosis, he is entirely healthy.
    Defects like cleft lip and palate are visible to the naked eye, but other conditions such as heart ailments may not show immediately. It is best to bring your baby to regular check-ups. This is an avenue for parents to be updated on their child’s growth and development and possibly provide skilled nursing in New Jersey when the baby needs one.
  • Coffee, chocolate, and spicy foods can cause birth defects.
    100% myth! Don’t torture yourself and enjoy these in moderation.

As personalised care providers, we want to spread an information drive about the truths behind these myths. You can help us at Neuron Health Systems.

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