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Debunking Myths About Down Syndrome


Numerous hearsays surround Down Syndrome or the condition of having an extra chromosome. As home healthcare services providers, allow us to debunk them one by one this Down Syndrome Awareness Month.

  • Down Syndrome is a rare hereditary disorder.The truth is: Down Syndrome is pretty common, and translocation is the only type of Down Syndrome that is hereditary.
  • Down Syndrome is not a severe cognitive disability.They have a mild to moderate low range of IQ, but it’s also proper to consider the extra time they need to learn something.
  • Children with Down Syndrome are not always happy.Humans as they are, these people can feel various emotions. Treating adults with Down Syndrome like a child hurts them very much, for instance.
  • Having Down Syndrome doesn’t mean they always get sick.Through the advancements of home care and other healthcare systems, they live a life away from sickness.
  • Having Down Syndrome doesn’t make people inactive in school and their community.In fact, many of them have diplomas and even graduated with flying colors. They are also active in sports, music, and art.

There is a lot of information we don’t know about Down Syndrome and the experiences of people with one, so it’s always important to be considerate of their feelings.

For families of individuals who have Down Syndrome, Neuron Health Systems, your home health aide in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, is here to assist you.

We offer companion care for patients with age-related concerns, chronic health conditions, developmental disabilities like Down Syndrome, and respite for their family members.

We also have a homemaker who can make your home Down Syndrome-friendly. Contact us to get started!

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