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Recognizing the Unseen: The Signs of Isolation


Loneliness. It’s a human emotion that people occasionally feel, especially when alone. However, if this emotion becomes too frequent, can you really pass it as a mundane feeling?

This Mental Health Awareness Week, Neuron Health Systems, your trusted home care provider, highlights the impact of social isolation on a person’s mental welfare.

When addressing isolation, it’s worth noting that not all people can easily express loneliness. Some would opt to bottle up these emotions and mask their solitude under shallow smiles and laughter. However, social isolation causes significant disturbance in a person’s mental state. Thus, they need immediate support from friends, families, mental health professionals, and even caregivers to overcome their situation.

Recognizing symptoms of mental disturbances is never easy since these signs may not necessarily reflect in a person’s physicality. However, there are ways to spot red flags. As for people living in isolation, they usually exhibit the following recognizable signs:

  • They have poor hygiene practices.
  • They experience significant weight loss (due to lack of proper nutrition and eating).
  • They live in a home full of unnecessary clutter.
  • They rarely go out of their house or room.
  • They show a general lack of interest.

As providers of in-home care services in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, we witness firsthand how isolation drastically affects a person’s overall functionality. Fortunately, there are many ways available for people to address this issue. Aside from seeking mental health care services, families can hire a dependable companion to help their loved one break free from the shackles of solitude.

Does a name come to mind when you think of the signs of isolation? Be an active advocate for their mental health, and consider seeking our companion care services today.

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