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The Different Kinds of Feeding Tubes


Nutrition usually comes from the food we chew and digest, but in specific situations, this route can be difficult, dangerous, or sometimes painful. With modern applications, there are procedures that an individual may be able to choose from to continue getting the needed vitamins and nutrients.

Tube feeding can be done to aid the entry of food and drinks into our bodies. The liquid food can be provided in two ways – directly through the stomach or through the vein.

  • Enteral Nutrition
    Specially prepared liquid feeds chosen by dieticians and formulated as appropriate. Individuals with working stomachs and intestines can use enteral nutrition for some or all of their meals. This route addresses issues such as swallowing problems and the risk of misrouting food and fluid as it goes down into the tract.
  • Parenteral Nutrition
    Food can also be delivered directly through the vein with parenteral nutrition (PN). Severe sickness and nutritional problems can mean the digestive tract is unable to process food. A PN procedure can be complex, but necessary to maintain the person’s well-being.

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