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Understanding Down Syndrome as a Condition


Under normal conditions, we are born with 46 chromosomes. Having an extra copy of chromosome 21 leads to Down Syndrome. This Down Syndrome Awareness Month, Neuron Health Systems, your provider of a home health aide in Cinnaminson, New Jersey, will help you understand Down Syndrome as a condition.

People with Down Syndrome have a mild to moderately low IQ range, and they speak slower than others. Moreover, most of the patients we tended to as home health services providers often experience eye problems, hearing loss and infection, sleep apnea, and heart defects. They also have distinct facial features, such as a flattened nose and upward-slanting almond-shaped eyes. They are shorter in height, they have smaller ears, hands, and feet, and their tongues tend to stick out of their mouth.

Currently, scientists are still unsure about the real cause of this condition. Studies only found a pattern of Down Syndrome cases in women whose pregnancy occurred at ages 35 and above. Screening tests are used to identify if the pregnancy has a higher or lower chance of having Down Syndrome, whereas diagnostic tests can tell if the baby will have Down Syndrome. These tests provide significant results, but the latter is harmful to the baby.

Treatment for Down Syndrome is not yet available, but management strategies in the form of therapies exist to give them better life outcomes. As providers of home care and Skilled Nursing in New Jersey, we’ll be by their side to assist them during their physical, occupational, and speech therapy schedules.

At home, we can also provide companion and personal care. That will ensure that they won’t feel alone and that their tasks for the day are accomplished.

We also have a homemaker who can make a home Down Syndrome-friendly. Contact us to get started!

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