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Where and How to Inject Insulin


Did you know that insulin can be injected in different ways? Have you tried talking about the different areas where insulin can be injected?

Learning about insulin—what it is, its purpose, and how it can be provided is essential to managing life with diabetes. Whether you are the patient or the care provider, this knowledge can help you be safe.

Insulin can be taken through syringes, insulin pens, insulin pumps, and jet injectors. Your doctor can discuss the available options and give you an appropriate method. Insulin will be injected subcutaneously. This is the layer of fat under our skin that balances how fast our body absorbs the injection and the pain that may happen. An injection too deep can cause more pain and make the body absorb insulin faster, which leads to low blood glucose levels.

The abdomen is a preferred site for injection because it is easy to reach (both patient and care provider), and the absorption is pretty much predictable in the area. Other areas include the thighs and arm.

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