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Empowerment for Patients with Down Syndrome


Every case of Down syndrome can be unique from one another, and there is ultimately no one-size-fits-all solution to helping them be ready for life. Fortunately, there are guiding principles the family and care team can consider to manage the situation and achieve some objectives.

First, teaching the patient starts with assessing their current capabilities. Down syndrome affects both mental and physical capabilities. Training or educating the patient should start with where they are. For example, muscle hypotonia can interfere with fine motor skills (grasping, holding). Repeated practice for muscle development can be introduced in this case.

Now that the patient’s situation is assessed, it can also help to describe the intended goals. What level of independence is ideal for the patient? Are there skills they want or need to learn? Setting a goal may not always mean a full guarantee of outcomes, but this helps draft the learning development plan for the patient.

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