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How to Prepare a Wound for New Dressing


Changing the dressing of a wound is key to recovery. Some types of wound changing can be simple, while other tasks may look a little more complicated. Nonetheless, wound dressing and re-dressing is an important life skill and can be especially beneficial for individuals taking care of their loved ones at home.

Here are some simple steps to dress the wound:

  • Check for safety, first and always. Hygiene and safety considerations will always be at the top. Make sure your hands are clean and that everything you need is sterile and within reach.
  • Assess the wound status. Use non-sterile gloves when checking the present dressing and if it is needed at the moment. Wound recovery may have some defined milestones, but key details will vary per person.
  • With gloves on, remove the outer dressing, followed by the inner dressing. You can use transfer forceps if necessary. Discard the old dressings and forceps by sealing them for a throwaway.
  • Cleanse the wound using gauze and start the strokes from the incision to the outer edges. If there is a drain around the area, cleanse it.
  • Apply a fresh inner dressing with fresh forceps, followed by the outer dressing. Always practice hygiene after the dressing procedure is completed. Take away all discarded materials, and place them in a bag before the bin.

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